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This is a collection of information about attempts to open up cablemodem access to competitors. These references are in no particular order.
  1. GTE's Clearwater Demo
  2. Excite@Home's responses
  3. America Online and Hughes Strategic Alliance for satellite-delivered Internet service
  4. Opennet Coalition from the proponents of regulatory action to open cable access
  5. The Open Cable Initiative from CableLabs (a consortium of cable operators)
  6. NATOA The National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (association for local regulators)
  7. NCTA The National Cable Television Association (the trade association of the cable industry)
  8. Response from USTA the United States Telephone Association USTA Home Page (the trade association for Local Exchange (telephone) Carriers)
  9. DSLcon The Digital Subscriber Line Conference & Exhibition
  10. DSL FAQ (frequently asked questions) from Ascend (they make accedd equipment for regular, ISDN and DSL lines)
  11. comp.dcom.modems.cable in USENET News
  12. comp.dcom.xdsl in USENET News
  13. the Digital Subscriber Line (xDSL) FAQ
  14. Cable modem help Answers for cable modem users - including how to Setup AOL software to use cable modems
  15. Sprint ION (Sprint, an interexchange carrier, offers an advanced network using DSL on copper from local exchange carriers
  16. BellSouth: Atlanta First North American Site For Fiber-To-The-Home System
  17. High Speed Access ((advertising-supported) resources from Digital Nation)
  18. Time Domain ultra-wideband wireless technology
  19. Ultra Wideband Working Group
  20. Cottonwood Communications
  21. Simon Strategies "strategic advice and planing"
  22. CNNfn: "Broadband Access - It's A Question Of Free Speech"
  23. Denver Post Online: "Merger to define 'Net's future"
  24. Internet Ventures attempting to gain access to cable companies by Leased Access Rules
  25. InternetNews: GTE Clearwater Story
  26. InternetNews: IVI Rallies ISPs to File for Leased Access
  27. WiredNews: Open Access in Australia
  28. WiredNews: AtHome's Medin: 'It's Our Cable'
  29. American Reporter: Future of Internet Lies in Their Spreadsheets
  30. CNET: Broadband cable access issue reaching Congress
  31. CLEC.COM (web publisher in the competitve Local Exchange Carrier indistry)
  32. House Opem Access Bill(HR2420) as PDF and as HTML
  33. Network World Forum Face-Off: Open Cable Access
  34. Yahoo News Open Access Coverage
  35. NetAction
  36. GTE WorldWind Cablemodem site
  37. NewNetworks
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