Cable Publishing, Press & Trade Press

  1. 2600 Magazine (information for the hacker community) 
  2. Advertising Age
  3. Ad Week
  4. Albuquerque Journal
  5. AllPolitics from Time and CNN
  6. AlterNet
  7. American Digital Cartography (digital map products)
  8. AnchorDesk (from Ziff Davis' ZDNet)
  9. Artech House (technology books and magazines) 
  10. Badger Herald (one of the UW - Madison Student Newspapers)
  11. BBC British Broadcasting Company
  12. BE Radio (BE=Broadcast Engineering) magazine, published by Primedea
  13. Bertelsmann AG (in German) and Bertelsmann AG (in English)
    1. Bertelsmann Book Group
      1. Random House book publisher
        1. Random House Divisions
  14. Bloomberg
  15. Boardwatch Magazine from Penton Media
  16. Boston Globe
  17. BPI Communications
  18. Brainstorms from Howard Rheingold
  19. Broadband Telephony Buyer's Guide, published by PennWell Publishing Company
  20. Broadband Week, published by Cahners Business Information
  21. Broadcast Engineering magazine, published by Primedia Business 
  22. Broadcasting & Cable Magazine, published by Cahners Business Information  
  23. BYTE Magazine 
  24. Cable Channel (Internet video cable industry coverage)
  25. Cable Datacom News
  26. CableFax Daily from Phillips Business Information
  27. CABLEfile, published by Cahners Business Information
  28. Cable Today from Phillips Business Information
  29. CableWorld Magazine Published by Primedia Business
  30. Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine from Pennwell Publishing
  31. Cadence about CAD, from Miller Freeman Publishing, a United News & Media subsideary
  32. Cahners Business Information
    1. Broadband Week
    2. Broadcasting & Cable Magazine
    3. CABLEfile
    4. CED Magazine
    5. Multichannel News
    6. Variety (trade magazine of the entertainment industries)
    7. Wireless Week
  33. Canadian Online Explorer
  34. The Capital Times
  35. CED Magazine published by Cahners Business Information
  36. The Charlotte Observer
  37. Charleston Gazette
  38. Chicago Sun-Times
  39. Chicago Tribune
  40. Christian Science Monitor
  41. Chronicle of Higher Education
  42. Cisco Press (books about Cisco products, certification & protocols)
  43. CLEC.COM (web publisher in the competitve Local Exchange Carrier indistry)
  44. CLECNEWS (online and print newsletter)
  45. CMP Media
    1. CMP Print Publications
    2. CMP Online Publications
      1. CMP Net
      2. TechWeb
  46. CNBC
  47. CNET
  48. CNN
  49. CNN fn
  50. CommTek Communications Corporation (publishes Orbit Magazine)
  51. Communication Industry Researchers
  52. Communications News, from Nelson Publications
  53. Communications Technology from Phillips Business Information
  54. Computer Design magazine, from PennWell Publishing
  55. The Computer Information Centre
  56. Computerworld Magazine, published by IDG
  57. Congressional Quarterly's site American Voter
  58. Convergence.D&T Deloitte & Touche
  59. Convergence Magazine
  60. Convergence The Journal of Research into New Media Technologies (academic journal)
  61. The Cook Report Gordon Cook
  62. Crain Communications Incorported
  63. Crypt Newsletter
  64. Cyber Wire Dispatch Brock Meeks 
  65. Daily Cardinal (the first UW - Madison Student Newspaper)
  66. The Daily Mirror London
  67. Daily Telegraph London
  68. Data Communications Magazine, published by CMP Media
  69. DeLorme (maps)
  70. Denver Post
  71. Desktop Journal (Wisconsin's Computer Monthly)
  72. Digital Chicago
  74. The Economist
  75. EDTN Electronics Design, Technology & News Network
  76. Educom (information technology in education)
  77. Electronic Design Magazine from Penton Media
  78. Electronic Media Magazine
  79. Evert Communications Limited Canadian Communications Reports covers the cable and wireless sectors and Network Letter covers the telephone industry, including regulation and policy issues 
  80. Fiber Optics Online
  81. First Monday Peer Reviewed Journal on the Internet
  83. Forbes (including Forbes ASAP, where George Gilder's Telecosm is located)
  84. FOX News
  85. Freedom Forum 
  86. Gildertech (print and online publications of George Gilder)
  87. GIST (TV listings and Media Coverage)
  88. Globe and Mail (Toronto)
  89. Global Telecom Business
  90. GPS World magazine, published by Advanstar Communications
  91. (The) Guardian (UK)
  92. Guilford Publications 
  93. (The) Happy Hacker 
  94. IDG publisher of :
    1. Computerworld Magazine
    2. InfoWorld Magazine
    3. Network World Fusion
  95. IDG.NET, published by IDG
  96. iGUIDE
  97. IMAS Publishing Group (publisher of magazines for radio, television and technology)
  98. The Independent (newspaper from the UK)
  99. InfoWorld Magazine, published by IDG
  100. "Answers for IT Professionals"
  101. Inter@ctive Week, published by Ziff Davis, a Softbank company.
  102. International Cable from Phillips Business Information
  103. Internet World published by Penton Media, Inc.
  104. Intertec Publishing is now Primedea
  106. IPC Magazines (UK)
  107. Isthmus: The Daily Page (Madison, Wisconsin weekly) 
  108. Janesville Gazette
  109. Journal Sentinel Online Milwaukee, Wisconsin, published by Journal Communications an employee-owned company 
  110. Paul Kagan Associates (newsletters, conferences) 
  111. Laser Focus World, from PennNet, a subsidiary of Pennwell)
  112. LA Times (newspaper, from Times Mirror)
  113. Laurin Publishing (Photonics Spectra magazine)
  114. Lexis-Nexis (online information, by subscription, specializing in legal, government, business, high technology)
  115. Lightwave Magazine (about fiberoptic technology, from PennNet, a subsidiary of Pennwell)
  116. Literature Library (cable television quarterly magazine)
  117. LiveEvents from Pennwell Publishing
  118. Los Angeles Times 
  119. Madison Newspapers The Capitol Times & The Wisconsin State Journal
  120. Miami Herald
  121. McClatchy Newspapers
    1. McClatchy Websites
    2. Minneapolis-St. Paul Minnesota Star Tribune (from McClatchy Newspapers)
    3. The Nando Times
  122. McGraw-Hill
  123. Mercury Mail
  124. MediaWeek published by BPI Communications
  125. Microsoft Press (books about Microsoft products)
  126. Microwaves & RF Magazine, published by Penton Media
  127. Minneapolis-St. Paul Minnesota Star Tribune (from McClatchy Newspapers)
  128. MSNBC
  129. Multichannel News, published by Cahners Business Information
  130. Multichannel News Digest
  131. Muse (music e-zine)
  132. The Nation magazine
  133. National Journal publisher of print and online information about public policy, environmental issues, politics, technology, & more
  134. Netly News
  135. Network Computing, published by CMP Media
  136. Network Magazine, published by CMP Media
  137. Network World Fusion, published by IDG
  138. News.Com (news on the World Wide Web, from CNET)
  139. News Corporation (Rupert Murdoch's company: Fox TV, 20th Century Fox...much, much more)
    1. HarperCollins book publisher
  140. Newsbytes (information technology news from Post Newsweek)
  141. Newsday (daily newspaper, Long Island, NY; published by Times Mirror)
  142. Newsweek (weekly news magazine from The Washington Post Company)
  143. New Yorker
  144. New York Times
  145. NFPA The National Fire Protection Association - Publisher of the National Electrical Code 
  146. ONforum A bi-monthly journal for the global telecom and information industry
  147. Online Wisconsin from the UW - Madison School of Journalism
  148. Orbit Magazine, published by CommTek Communications Corporation
  149. O'Reilly & Associates (publisher of books for UNIX, X, the Internet, and other open systems, as well as a pioneer in online publishing)
  150. OSP Magazine 
  151. Pathfinder (Time Warner)
  152. Paul Kagan Associates (newsletters, conferences)
  153. PC Magazine, published by Ziff Davis, a Softbank company.
  154. PC Week Magazine, published by Ziff Davis, a Softbank company.
  155. PC Week Webcast
  156. PC World Magazine Online
  157. Pearson plc (international media company)
    1. Prentice Hall book publisher
      1. Prentice Hall Technical Reference technical book publisher
  158. PennWell Publishing Company
    1. Advanced Technology Division at PennWell Publishing Company
  159. Penton Media
    1. Penton Publications
  160. The Philadelphia Inquirer
  161. Phillips Publishing International
    1. CableFax Daily
    2. Cable Today
    3. Communications Technology
    4. International Cable
    5. Satellite Today
    6. Via Satellite
  162. Photonics Online
  163. phrak Magazine (information for the hacker community)
  164. Photonics Spectra magazine (from Laurin Publishing)
  165. Pioneer Press (St. Paul)
  166. PointCast (push technology - the information is sent to you automatically, not using e-mail)
    1. Pointcast content includes Telecom Buzz
  167. Premis Networks Online
  168. Primedia (publishing)
    1. Primedia Business (business publishing)
  169. Privacy Forum Information (discussion and analysis of issues relating to the general topic of privacy (both personal and collective) in the information age)
  170. The Progressive founded 1909 here in Madison, Wisconsin
  171. Project McLuhan
  172. Providence Journal 
  173. Radio World (published by IMAS Publishing Group)
  174. Rand McNally (maps)
  175. Random House book publisher
  176. RCR News Radio Communications Report from Crain Communications Incorported
  177. Real Cities (from Knight Ridder)
  178. The Register
  179. Red Rock Eater News Service
  180. Risks Forum Information  ( A Forum On Risks To The Public In Computers And Related Systems)
    1. Risks on the Web
  181. Rocky Mountain News 
  182. Sage Publications (books, journals, software, newsletters, university papers, and annual series)
  183. Salon (an online magazine from Adobe and Border's Books)
  184. Howard W. Sams (technical & reference publications)
  185. San Francisco Bay Guardian (weekly)
  186. San Francisco Chronicle
  187. San Jose Mercury News
  188. Satellite Today from Phillips Business Information
  189. SatFacts (from Bob Cooper!)
  190. Science Magazine, from the AAAS
  191. Science News Magazine
  192. Scientific American Magazine
  193. Screen Digest ( world media reporting,  market research and analysis for the film and cinema, television, cable and satellite, video, on-line and interactive markets on a global basis)
  194. Seybold Seminars (about publishing, media and technology, from Ziff Davis)
  195. Simon & Schuster book publisher
  196. Slashdot Web news for nerds
  197. Slate (with the parody site Stale)
  198. Spread Spectrum Scene Magazine
  199. Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St. Paul)
  200. Stark Realities (Thom Stark Home Page - Telecom Writer)
  201. (Web publication from First Conferences)
  202. Sun World (published by IDG) 
  203. The Tampa Tribune
  204. TechKnowTimes
  205. TechCalendar (from TechWeb from CMP Publications)
  206. TechWeb ("The Technology Super Site" from CMP Publications)
  207. Telecom Digest
  208. Telecom AM (Daily Telecommunications News from Warren Publishing)
  209. Telephony Magazine
  210. Telecom Insider from PricewaterhouseCoopers
  211. Telecom Publishing Group
  212. Test & Measurement World from Cahners Business information
  213. Thomas Register (Industrial buying and specifying guide)
  214. The Times of London
  215. Time Warner media conglomerate
    1. CNN Cable News Network cable channel
    2. Fortune Magazine
    3. Time Magazine
    4. Time Warner Cable cable television multiple system operator
    5. Turner Entertainment Networks
    6. Warner Brothers movie studio; television network
  216. Times Mirror
    1. Times Mirror Companies
    2. Times Mirror Magazines
    3. LA Times
    4. Newsday
  217. TV Guide Inc. (publisher of TV Guide)
  218. TV Net
  219. TV Technology Magazine (publushed by IMAS Publishing Group)
  220. Upside Today
  221. University of Wisconsin Press
  222. USA Today
  223. Utne Reader
  224. Variety (trade magazine of the entertainment industries; published by Cahners Business Information)
  225. Viacom media conglomerate
    1. a directory of Viacom sites
    2. Blockbuster audio/video rent or sale
    3. MTV cable channel
    4. Nickelodeon cable channel
    5. Paramount movie studio
    6. Showtime cable channel
    7. Simon & Schuster book publisher
    8. VH1 cable channel
  226. Via Satellite from Phillips Business Information
  227. Video Systems Magazine from Primedea
  228. Virgo Publishing (X-Change a monthly for competitve local exchange telephony)
  229. Vortex Technology (Includes Privacy Forum, History of Computing and Annals of Improbable Research, and more, including Professor Neon, pen name for popular CATV reporter)
  230. VPN Insider  (about virtual private networks) from SoftFX
  231. Warren Publishing
  232. The Washington Post Company (newspapers, magazines, cable television, other...)
    1. Washington Post Company Websites
    2. The Washington Post
    3. Newsweek (weekly news magazine)
  233. Wall Street Journal
  234. WebOvision (media links)
  235. Webreview (published by Miller Freeman, a subsidiary of United News & Media)
  236. Whitaker Associates
  237. Whole Earth Magazine
  238. The Why Files from the University of Wisconsin
  239. WIRED Magazine
  240. Wireless Week (published by Cahners)
  242. ZD Net Ziff Davis Online, published by Ziff Davis
  243. Ziff Davis, a Softbank company
    1. AnchorDesk
    2. Inter@ctive Week
    3. PC Magazine
    4. PC Week Magazine
    5. PC Week Webcast
    6. ZD Journals
    7. ZD Net
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